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About Us

About Braxton

Braxton has a heart of gold who always wants to help others and make an overall difference in life whether it's for a person in need or an animal that needs help.  He started using his running to bring awareness to organizations and causes he feels strongly about.  Braxton is an avid reader and loves all kinds of books.  He has never met an animal he doesn't love and want to bring home.  He loves traveling to see new things and ofcourse wants to check off his list new places he wants to run.  In his spare time he loves to have nerf wars with his brother and spend time at the beach.  Pixie his dog is one of his best friends and who he wants to take everywhere he goes.  He has been talking about breaking this world record for the last 3 years and now talks about it daily.  

spare time nerf.jpg
pixie smile.jpg

About Maryanne

Maryanne is blessed with three amazing boys.  She believes in living life to the fullest and never giving up on your goals.  She continues to instill that into her boys as well as everything she does in life.  Maryanne started running again several years ago which has quickly become the family weekend pass time.    She also enjoys spending time outside hiking, camping, on the water whether in a boat or at the beach.  She loves and looks for any moment she can spend with her boys making new memories.  Her son Braxton has talked about this World Record for 3 years now and she has decided to do everything she can to make this happen for him!

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Our Family

The Lee Family when not running enjoys spending time making memories and having new experiences.  This includes hiking, going to the beach, camping, and traveling.  They get involved with local non profits and try to give back to their local community.  We encourage out boys to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment they have!  

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